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 10 years of cooperation for a pilot area: Korçà

A few figures...

 Surface area : 29 000 km2, 36 districts

 Population (1994) : 3,360,000 inhabitants, 120 inhabitants/km²

 Average altitude: 700 m with 15 % of plains.

 Climate : Alpine, semi-continental and Mediterranean according to region. More rainfall than the Mediterranean average: 1,500 mm/year, high inter-annual variability, unequal annual distribution, summer period dry, especially along the coast.

 Presence of the Tarentaise breed:
- A few pedigree animals (Livestock Research Station of Korçà, private farmers in the mountains)
- Insemination with Tarentaise semen : more than 5,000 artificial insemination either on pedigree cows or on local breeds.

 Performance recorded on local females: Averages of first lactations: 2,000 Kg of milk

 Establishment of services to farmers: establishment of a network of technicians throughout the Korçà district:
- Identification of animals : Suitable training of technicians, Establishment of a Data Base, supply of equipment.
- Milk recording : Setting up a laboratory, analysis, processing results in France, training of staff in France.
- Artificial Insemination : Training of technicians in France and delivery of equipment.

 Recorded performances (1999)
Average lactation length of cows recorded (305 days):
Milk : 4500 kg
Protein : 31,5%o
Fat : 36,5%o