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Farming method
The characteristics
Tarentaise UPRA
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A modern, efficient selection programme...

The Tarentaise breed selection programme is directed by the Tarentaise UPRA. From selection objectives defined by the UPRA, the UCEAR (Union of Alps-Rhône Breeding and AI Cooperatives), is responsible for managing the selection scheme. The farmers are once again actively involved in all the important stages in the selection process.

Objectives suited to the farming systems of the Tarentaise breed
The selection programme aims at improving the quantity and quality of the milk produced, whilst at the same time retaining the fundamental assets specific to the breed: morphology (particularly legs and udders), hardiness and genetic variability.

The most intense pressure of testing of all the dairy breeds
With its average number of cows recorded, and one bull tested for a little more than 600 first inseminations, the Tarentaise breed has a testing capacity of nearly 14 bulls per year.
Only the collective commitment of farmers in the programme (40 to 50 % of cows in the foundation stock inseminated with semen from bulls being progeny tested) can enable such results to be achieved.

An interesting genetic offer revealing bulls with varied and complementary qualities
Some with a "MILK" profile, others with more "PROTEIN CONTENT" profile, some clearly improve udders, teats, size or legs... There is a wide range of breeding bulls available to farmers.

 List of bulls for artificial insemination (in french, "offre génétique")