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Tarentaise UPRA
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 A national body at the service of breed and breeders

An UPRA is the forum for farmers, breeders and users of a breed. Its task is to collect, analyse and circulate all the information necessary for its promotion and development. It also provides services to its members to help them improve the management and quality of their cattle. Created in 1974, the Tarentaise UPRA uses the latest methods to provide the most refined services for its members.

  The missions of the Tarentaise UPRA:

  • To define the breed traits, and certify whether or not an animal belongs to this breed,
  • To define the breed directions, and specify its selection objectives,
  • To define the genetic improvement programme (creation and distribution of genetic advance) and its developments,
  • To establish the qualification grid for breeding stock and be responsible for its implementation,
  • To promote the breed, its selection programme and all its genetic material (breeding animals, semen, embryos),
  • To take responsibility for keeping the breed genealogical book and issue official documents guaranteeing information about each breeding animal, with respect for established rules common to the different breeds,
  • Monitoring scientific and technical developments,
  • Breed research, characterisation, information collection. 

 Services : technical and genetic support for French farmers.

Technicians make regular visits to all the farms, to give appropriate advice about selection and the technical management of the herd, so as :

  • Scoring - qualification: This process consists of recording the females of a herd during their first lactation: the measurements and comments noted during this visit enable the animal to be qualified on its morphology. The result guarantees that the notion of conformation is taken into account at herd development level as well as at the level of the breed selection programme.
  • Genetic summary and planned matings: During a second period, the technician visits the members to present the description of the latest genetic summary. This visit consists of advising the farmer in his reproduction choices for all the cows and heifers. It also informs the farmer about the latest available bulls: a real genetic consultation.
  • Meetings: Meetings are organised every year. These meetings of farmers during the autumn enable the latest information to be given concerning the breed and the UPRA. It is also an opportunity for farmers to meet together.