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Farming method
The characteristics
Tarentaise UPRA
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An adaptability recognised in all the mountain ranges of France and in all parts of the world : the Tarentaise is the answer to the needs of many of today's farmers. Because it is so adaptable, and produces so well in difficult conditions, it is the perfect animal for the new extensive dairy or suckler systems.

This "model" includes the following notions:



This is the capacity of an animal to produce and reproduce, making optimal use of what is available in its surroundings, with a minimum of supplementation.

 Black mucous membranes

With its black mucous membranes and extremities, the Tarentaise is protected against the harmful effects of the sun: ophthalmia, glaucoma... Moreover, the coloured pigmentation of its skin protects it from sunburn, notably the udders


 Resistant to parasite diseases


In countries where there is a serious problem of parasitism (equatorial regions), the Tarentaise has the best resistance of all the imported breeds: piroplasmosis, heartwater... What is more, its uniformly reddish- brown coat reduces attacks from stinging and sucking insects…

 Excellent conversion of the widest variety of forage :

Originating as it did from a very harsh environment, where grass is sometimes scarce and long distances have to be covered to find it, the Tarentaise has developed its capacity for making the best use of natural resources, accepting whatever is available.

 Capable of adapting to varied climates 

The Tarentaise can resist daily extremes of temperature of more than 40°C (from -5°C in the morning to + 35°C in the afternoon in the summer mountain pastures) as well as extreme temperatures (Canadian winters, Mediterranean heat-waves).

 At ease in the rockiest landscapes

With its hard, black hooves and its sound sturdy legs, the Tarentaise negotiates the most dangerous places in comfort and is well able to withstand long periods in winter quarters.

 Good longevity

The qualities of resistance of the Tarentaise enable it to have long productive careers (20 % of recorded cows are more than 10 years old).

 Suckler cow

A dairy cow in its own right… and a suckler cow too : in some regions such as the Massif Central, and in the United States or Canada, it is used in suckler systems, either as crossbred for its maternal qualities and easy calving, or as pedigree stock, for its fine textured beef and good killing-out percentage.